About Us

About Us

VISCOM Interpreting
2212 Mt. Vernon Avenue, Suite 200
Alexandria, VA 22301

phone: 703.838.5755
fax: 703.637.1268

Our Philosophy

Maintain an exceptional reputation by ensuring high standards and providing top quality, professional interpreting services.

Hire only extremely qualified Interpreters whose professionalism, loyalty, and opinion are valued.

Assure our Clients that because of VISCOM’s high standards, they are meeting ADA communication access requirements responsibly.

Jina Lynne, CI/CT – Owner

Jina Lynne, CI/CT portraitI’ve had the pleasure of being an interpreter since 1984. I’ve worked for many different interpreting agencies, both as staff and as a subcontractor. Since my college internship, I’ve been surprised and dismayed at how filling interpreting assignments has been handled. I repeatedly and increasingly noticed a lack of quality and dissatisfied clients, interpreters, and consumers when working through existing agencies; so I decided to stop.

I began to work directly for companies and slowly saw what it took to establish rapport, a reputation of dependability and a sense of loyalty. I noticed that when I provided services to companies as an independent interpreter, I was happier, the client was happier, and the interpreters I worked with were happier. It is from these positive experiences that I was inspired to bring VISCOM into being.